Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Prepared for Pickles

Tomorrow my "Pickles" quilt group is coming to my home for our January all day sew day.
The pattern has been chosen, fabric purchased and precisely cut. Ready for hours of sewing.
  I can't think of anything better to do on a stormy day.

The pickles will
have brunch
measure again
talk (alot of talking)
eat chocolate
eat take out for dinner
ohhh and ahhh
hopefully finish our project
and love being together


  1. Oh, I wish I was a pickle. It looks and sounds like sew much fun!

  2. I found your blog when I was blog hopping. So happy I did. I want to be a pickle! A Sweet Pickle :). All day sewing, my kind of day. Blessing to you.

  3. I hope one day to be just a little like you. Though being like you would be difficult, because you are such an amazing woman. I just want you you to know that in Relief Society, Sunday, we were asked a question by the teacher, "think of someone that you admire and then think of the reasons why". You were that person. I am so grateful to have a wonderful aunt to look up to. Thanks for being a great example and role model. Tell Liz hi, often times I think of our fun that we had growing up and just randomly laugh and/or smile thinking about the great time we spent together. I miss her!

  4. Have fun with your pickles! Love your new present from Tiffani. Mimi

  5. Sounds wonderful! I'd like to be a pickle,too. I hope to see pics of all the fun.

  6. I love that you call yourselves "pickles"! Sounds like a lovely day...can't wait to see the finished project. Have fun!