Friday, January 20, 2012

if I only knew

Thoughts and Things: If I only knew how to transfer my pictures from my cell phone to my computer, I would show you the fruits of our labors from our pickles sewing day.  Most of my sister pickles finished their schnibbles, with the others very close behind.  Everyone  did beautiful work.  I, on the other hand, sewed the first 10 blocks wrong. Yes, my unpicker is a valuable tool in my sewing basket!

This is my schnibble (picture taken on my other camera)

9 patch set at  an angle with 5" square cut diagonally for corner triangle.

other schnibble pictures coming soon


  1. sweet! You know, you can email your pics from your phone to your email, save them on your computer and upload them to your blog.. all very easy to do!
    would love to see what all your sister pickles made!
    happy weekend

  2. Hi Joy...I found my way I don't from blog, you know hw that happens. so glad it did though! Your blog indeed makes me the sweet and cheery projects and your lovely. I can see you love like I do! cherry

  3. What a cute blog you have! Cheered me as soon as I saw that red rickrack at the side! I just looked at Susan Branch's calendar. I had not noticed the misspelling! And I am usually the queen of noticing such things, having been a journalism student. How embarrassing that must be for her.

  4. Of course you know I love the colors. When you find out how to move your pics from your phone to your computer will you tell me? Mimi