Monday, January 16, 2012

Let's Eat!

Thoughts:  A question that I always seem to ask my hubby is ,"What do you want for dinner?  His response is usually the same.  "Just make something easy."   I wish sometimes he could be a little more specific.

 Tonight's dinner menu was canned soup and fresh french bread, made by my friend Jane.
Luckily Jane was nice enough to share her wonderful talent with us, otherwise I would have made grilled cheese sandwiches made out of white bread from the grocery store. 

After we were finished eating my hubby said to me, "Thank you for my delicious dinner."   Really, Seriously!  I am not sure how  I felt, guilty or happy. Here's the thing... he has said that to me every night after dinner for as long as I can remember.  On a few occasions, he has said that even when he makes the meal! 

Prime rib (very seldom) or canned soup (all too often), he is always nice enough to thank me. 

Things:  For Christmas  this year my crafty daughter-in-law, Tiffy, made me this cute picture for my kitchen.  Made from utensils bought from the thrift store, fabric for the background, and a can of red spray paint. I love it!


  1. Tiffy & my daughter must be on the same wavelength for doing this same project. Except my DD did three frames - one with forks, one with knives, and one with spoons - all displayed together. Clever girls!

  2. Can I say that 1) I have always admired how much my uncle John has idolized his dear wife (you). Something I always noticed growing up. So when I hear you say something like that the thought comes to mind, "I have no doubt that he said that". 2) Thank you, thank you for coming back into the blogging world. Oh how I have missed you and your thoughts and things. You are fabulous and it is so nice to pass by and read such positive words. Love you Joy.