Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Quilt Day Thoughts and Things: We have all heard the saying:
"When life hands you scraps make quilts."

Well, how about, "When your cupboard is stuffed and overflowing with scraps make quilts." That definitely sounds easier.

I have always wanted to do a dresden plate quilt but wasn't sure how. I found this nifty ruler that makes it fairly easy to do, so I am up for the challenge and will give it a try.

Four of these units make a circle. The circle middle is then sewn in, not sure what that will be yet. I hope to have it done by the "Pickles Quilt Show" in August.


  1. One of these days I'm going to do a sewing room post, which will show my over abundance of fabric!!! I get so attatched to it that it's hard for me to use the last of anything...and I end up with a lot more fabric than I ever intended!!!!!

    Add to that, my colors are changing, going a little more vintage, a little brighter. More like the colors in the dresden plate quilt you are doing. Which means....yes....more fabric!!!!

    It's the little things in life!!...

  2. Yet another quilt that'd look fabulous in my house. LOVE the fabrics. Mimi

  3. I absolutely LOVE the colors you have for your Dresden Plate quilt. It is one of my very favorite patterns by far....I love things from day's gone by. Your blog is FANTASTIC. I love the colors you use! :) I found it through Farmhouse Country Style....

    Take care !