Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May Showers
Thoughts and Things: I have had a wedding shower for my neice and a baby shower for another neice the past couple of weeks. It is always fun to be together with family and friend to celebrate these special occasions.

Olivia & Chris
framed initials made for them

My snowball bush provided the flowers. The blossoms are a beautiful green before they turn white. The green blossoms are my favorite.

Mini donuts , carrot cake and chocolate cake were served.

Baby Shower

I used my bucket of animals to help decorate.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner with cupcakes for dessert.


  1. Dear Joy, May I ask you before others leave comments, if I have posted something that has offended you in anyway. It was such a pleasure to find your comments on my blog, and a pleasure to visit your lovely blog. Something has happened. I hope it is something I can repair if only to find peace of heart. Elizabeth

  2. You are the hostess extraordinaire! I love all of your special decorating touches. Those little animals for the baby shower are too cute. As always, it was fun to be visit last night!

  3. Both parties looked so wonderful, Joy! Beautiful job! I'll bet everyone was enchanted and had a fabulous time!

  4. Hi there...thanks for your visit to my blog and kindness. I love yours too and an adding you to my blog list and will follow yours...come say hi any time :D

  5. How adorable. So fun to celebrate joyous occasions with family and friends. Mimi

  6. Just Lovely!!! :o)

  7. where'd you get the mini donuts? or did you make them??????