Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's Enough
Thoughts and Things: I was a stay at home mom to my 3 kids with an occasional part time job thrown in. Now I guess I can call myself a stay at home grandma.

Tucked away in the back of my mind has always been the thought of have I done enough, given enough, been enough, not really ever knowing what enough is.

Today I apprehensively ventured out with my little grandaughter. Just a quick trip to the grocery store for hamburger buns, a stop by the fabric store, and to the cleaners. Exhausting is the word that comes to mind!
That was enough!

Raising children is enough!

It's more than enough!


  1. Amen.....I have raised four being more than not a stay at home mom...and help with my grands as,my health prevents me from keeping the little ones as much as I would like...but,I keep them enough to know to well the meaning of to you...

  2. I sure do love my grandkids but sometimes they wear me out! I guess being a mommy is for the young. Love that banner you're making. Mimi

  3. lol! I raised four... eiy yie yie.. still they cause me stress sometimes! And, I just recently found out that I am to become a grandmother for the first time this december... I am TERRIFIED!!!

  4. Just discovering your blog! Love your quilts and your thoughts on life...I'm nearing the end of raising my three boys and often wonder the same thing...if I've done enough! Thanks for the sweet reminder that being Mom is enough!!! :)