Thursday, March 11, 2010

Breakfast in Bed

Hannah spent the night at grandma's house on tuesday. Grandpa was out of town. It was a school night so no staying up late. She had a bath, ate girl scout thin mint cookies for a snack, watched the bachelor wedding with grandma, (don't tell her mom) read her homework book to grandma and then went to bed.

Hannah was awake at 6:40 the next morning. Way to early for grandma. She cuddled in bed for a minute and then asked if she could get a paper and pencil. Grandma told her to get it from her sewing room and then dozed off. Shortly there after, Hannah came into grandma's bedroom with a delicious breakfast. A bowl of cheerios with half & half on it, LOTS on it. 3 frozen strawberries, with the tops trimmed and a cup of juice. All teetering on a dinner plate. There was a note nicely folded too. Hannah said that this was the way that old fashioned people wrote and folded their notes. (Oh, the computer age that these kids live in!)

It was the best start to Grandma's morning, it made her so happy! Breakfast in bed, and a very nice note by one of her favorite granddaughters!

Hannah got dressed
had her hair combed, grandma's style
ate mini pancakes for breakfast
taken back home, just in time to go to school.

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