Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Quilt Day One year ago I thought I would give blogging a try.

I tried it... I liked it!


this year I am focusing on blogging about my family, so I am making this blog private.

To all of you in blogland, from joy's thoughts and things, I say goodbye... for now.


  1. awww, well, I hope you dont stay away to awfully long. Its always a JOY to stop in for a little visit. but do have fun with what ever will keep you away from blogging!
    hope to see you back soon.

  2. Oh sad. Your blog posts always brightened my day! I will miss your darling decorating ideas and sweet stories. I understand blog burn out though. Hopefully it's just a "see you later." Now when are we going to dinner?! ♥ ~Wendy

  3. Oh I hope you're not quitting! I just found you and LOVE your blog!!!!!!
    I have made this quilt too, but out of Christmas material so it looks like a bunch of Christmas presents. I saw one made up, but if I'd seen the book first, would never have made it!!! Sorry, I think the book cover is ugly!!! But I love the quilt!!!!
    Have a JOYous day!!

  4. OMGoodness...I have really enjoyed all your posts...for now your archives will have to do I guess. I sincerely hope you come back with more beautiful photos of your home & projects. Enjoy yourself :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  5. The added insight into your mind, your memories and your home has been wonderful.

  6. Too sad! But maybe you'll have time for rug hooking now?

  7. Thanks for sharing your projects, I love the little things you do for your family and will miss your inspiration. I'm sure your off to do good somewhere else. Wishing you the best!

  8. Joy, I am going to miss giving Micah (Elder Smith) updates on the cute ideas I find on your blog . . . We will have to come by and visit your family, the Crapos and Meppens sometime SOO!!