Thursday, December 3, 2009

Snow AngelThoughts and Things: I just doesn't really seem like christmas until the real first big snow storm. We have not had that yet in our little part of the world. I love lots of snow in December (only december). Hopefully the storm forecast for saturday will bring a fresh blanket of snow.
Making a snow angel outside is not a possibility so I thought I would make one inside.
She is dressed for the holidays, from her tinsel halo, sparkly wings, christmas red dress with pom-pom trim, down to her glittery shoes.


  1. Joy, your snow angel is too precious! Did you make her? And your tree - a flocked tree! Such memories of my mother flocking our trees - indoors! I love backgrounds the best, and I notice you have pennants on the wall. We think alike! I love them too and have them hung in my spare bedroom. Simply adore your Christmas colors. Such a fun post! Good weekend to you! We are off to get our Charlie Brown tree! Elizabeth

  2. how would it be to be so crafty? you are really something joy.

  3. Very, very cute. Love her little purse. Mimi