Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Home Thoughts and Things: My hubby and I spent the last few days in one of our least favorite places, Las Vegas. He does work there and is required to take a test every year. I decided to be a good sport and go with him
I must confess, I am a germ freak. I do not like hotel rooms.(you should never touch the remote!)
A room upgrade was given to us at the hotel beause we stay there every year. O.K. I thought, this might not be so bad. The room seemed very nice and it had an awesome panoramic view. Then I noticed the pile of toenail clippings on the floor next to the night stand and the clogged drain in the bathroom. Not nice!
Home is all I could think of.
I just wanted to be home!
What a great feeling when we arrived home!
This thanksgiving season I am grateful for my
Home sweet Home.

He is happiest be he king or peasant who finds peace and happiness in his home.

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