Sunday, November 8, 2009

Let's Talk Turkey dinner

Thoughts: I remember my first thanksgiving dinner after I was married at my in-laws home.

Who eats thanksgiving dinner at 5:00? We always ate at 1:00. Didn't they know you eat early so you can have a turkey sandwich later that evening?

Moist, mushy dressing that had been cooked in the bird? My mother never stuffed the bird, we always liked our stuffing dry and crunchy. Actually, that sounds alot like stove top.

Stringy neck meat from the turkey in the gravy? GROSS! I did not know you got the neck when you bought the turkey let alone people actually cooked it and ate it!

Real cranberries instead of canned cranberry jellie. My dad would have never stood for that!

Fresh fruit salad instead of jello salad? What kind of family did I marry into?

Where are the gumdrop turkeys and the celery with cheez wiz?

Who has chocolate cream pie on thanksgiving?

My husband had the exact feelings when he came to my family for thanksgiving dinner.

Over the years we have come to appreciate the variety of dishes, (accept the neck meat in the gravy) but most importantly just being with our families.

* * *

Turkey and Family Trimmings

* * *

Things: Delicious Cranberry Relish

1/2 cup chopped onion

1/3 cup chopped green pepper

1/2 cup chopped green chilies

1/2 cup dried cranberries (cranraisins)

1 1/2 T. vinegar

1 1/2 chopped cilantro

1/2 cup cherry jam

Mix all ingredients together.

Make the night before to blend flavors and save time.


  1. I had to laugh as there is always culture shock when you are a newly wed. My MIL continued to serve a raw turkey for many years so I quickly learned to full cook my own and had them come to our home for Thanksgiving. Like you said it is about being together as a family and just giving thanks.

  2. Joy, I love Thanksgiving dinner stories! I also adore the tags you sent! They are so sparkly cute! I am still trying to figure out how you made the deer look like fur - amazing! Each tag that comes I will place inside one of your glassine bags so they will return to you in the same beautiful condition they came to me. Thank you also for the surprise glitter! Having fun! Elizabeth

  3. I felt the same about the in-laws but 15 years later I prefer their traditional dishes to my own mothers. (I hope she doesn't run into your blog!) As for celery and cheese wiz . . . always had it at my grandma Barbaras house and LOVED it!

  4. You are so funny. Grandpa's giblet graving is the worst! I think I need to incorporate the celery & cheese wiz to our meal this year.

    I always look forward to all the family fun...