Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Pickles Day Out
Thoughts: The Pickles went on a field trip today. Started out early with breakfast and then a trip to the quilt shop.

My pickles quilt group meets the first tuesday of each month. In the month of July we don't meet, so we were all excited to be together today.

Things: We chose our next quilt project called "The Picnic Basket" and set out to find the perfect fabrics. I picked my sashing fabrics, (the black and white) and will be on the hunt for the other coordinating fabrics.

I can't wait to get started.

Maybe I ought to finish the 4 other projects that are stacked on my sewing table, first. Now that's a new idea....

5 of the Sister Pickles. Smiling and happy to have our fabric fix.

3 pickles not in the picture. Just not the same without them.


  1. Cute pickle photo. I am sure you guys know about the great book called the Persian Pickle club. I have read it twice and I don't even quilt. I can't quilt since I am allergic to needles:) Sewing and patterns is not my thing. I still get the shakes thinking about 8th grade Home Economics and the sewing project. In short, my Mom had to sew it so that I could pass the class. All I was interested in was playing in the Flour bins:) OK so who is the Atlanta friend?

  2. Hi Joyce,
    That atlanta friend must be you!
    If you feel comfortable with it, E-mail me at www.joysthoughtsandthings@gmail.com with your address and I will send you a cupcake!
    Thanks, Joy

  3. Joy - You just crack me up! What creative photography you do! I don't think you've ever explained how your group came by the name Pickles - would love to know!