Thursday, August 6, 2009

Effie's New Friend
Effie G. Elephant was a shy little pachyderm.
She wished she could make new friends, especially someone like Ester P. Elephant.

Ester P. Elephant was beautifully pink and very talented.
Everything she did was special.

Effie did not like her color, she even thought her tail was too long.
She always felt different.
She never felt good enough.

Effie hid every time Ester came her way.

"Next time I will say HI," Effie told herself.

"Here she comes again!"
"This is my chance, today is the day". Effie encouraged herself.

"I think she is coming towards me, what should I do, what should I say?" thought Effie.

"Hello," said Ester

"Hi", Effie replied timidly.

Ester and Effie talked for hours and realized that they weren't so different after all.

"Will you be my friend?" asked Effie.

"I thought you'd never ask." replied Ester.

* * * *
Thought and Things:

If you wish to be loved, love.
If you want a friend, you have to be one.


  1. Ahhhhh. So very cute and so very true. Mimi

  2. Okay joy now you need to write a book! That post basically was a cute little childrens' book! I loved it! :)