Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lets Be Social
Thoughts and Things: On our way to the movie on our friday night date, my hubby and I stopped in at the FROSTY DARLING. It was their 3rd annual Cupcake Social.

There was cupcake bingo, cupcake frosting, cupcake walk, cupcake face painting and cupcake eating.

The Frosty Darling is one of my favorite shops to visit. 177 east broadway, Salt Lake City.

It's quirky, small, vintage, and retro. With plenty of different hand made gifts, many of them made by the owner, Gentry.

oh yes, and dart toss

Gentry had made these adorable cupcakes, boxed up and tied with a ribbon. One small detail, they were not real, non-edible! She gave me a few details on how she made them...I studied it all the way home, trying to figure exactly how to make them.

My first trial run, WORKED!

A fun night to be sociable even with strangers.

P.S. Even though I don't know most of you who log onto this blog, in a strange way I feel like we are friends.

So I'd like to be sociable...

To my friend in Klamath Falls, Oregon and Atlanta, Georgia, I'd like to send a cupcake to you as a friendship token. Please leave me a comment, and we will try to find a way to get in touch with each other.

( I understand securing our identity stuff...)


  1. Hey Joy. I picked up a flier the other day advertising a new store opening. It's call
    Cutsie Cakes Opening Aug 2009 (no date)
    354 N Main St #1
    I wonder if they'll be as good as the one you went to?......

  2. What cute little cupcakes. I need to get to Salt Lake more often. You know the best places. You should get together a tour. Mimi

  3. I have never been in this store, but I have been driving by it lately thinking it would make for a great photo op. Want a pic taken there? HOW STINKIN' two kids always have on date night.