Friday, July 31, 2009

and that's the way is it...
Thoughts: A trip to costco for strawberries this week was just another reminder of my age.

My sister and I were feeding the girls (her daughter, my granddaughter) a piece of pizza. Isn't that what you do on your way out of costco, stop and eat?

Sitting on the table next to us was a family. The little girl said, as she was pointing her finger, "Hey Dad, look! There's a grandma!"

I looked around for the grandma too, then realized she was talking about me!

Her father gave me an embarrassed smile and I gave one back. Not that I felt like smiling!

I am ordering a bottle of the miracle face cream I saw on late night T.V.

Maybe 2.

Things: Last summer I bought a food dehydrater.

It has been the greatest thing! I think I have dried every fruit and veggie I could get my hands on.

My food storage is well stocked with these delicious dried foods.

I dry as many strawberries during the season as I can. We eat them so fast.

They are a great everyday snack.

Tomatoes are next on the dehydrater. YUMMY!

Thanks Sheri for teaching me.


  1. Oh, I need some of the face cream too! Or maybe a face lift would work better. I hadn't thought about drying strawberries but I bet they'd be delish. Mimi

  2. You're easily the hottest looking grandma I know. If we could all be so lucky . . .