Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride

THOUGHTS about THINGS: I dusted off my bike today, ready to take it for a spin around the block. A Funny thing happens as you get older, a good thing I guess. You become more comfortable with who you are and don't worry much about what others think. My kids just laugh when they see me ride my bike. Whatever! My husband says all I need is a little black dog named "Toto" in the basket. Hmmm... rude!


  1. Agreed. There is nothing better than a bike ride in spring. And I say "Whatever" to the people staring as I pant my way through town.

  2. I love your bike...it's very hip, just like you. What a fabulous way to spend a lovely spring day.

    I don't even know if I remember how to ride a bike anymore! It's been at least a decade since I have tried. "Break out the Huffy" is now on my To-Do List.

  3. I am so glad to see your bike. Last year when I was going through my Chemo treatments, we found a bike that I can ride. (balance issues) anyway it is breast cancer worthy as it is very "PINK" and it has the basket and big seat and of course the big fender. It is very similar to yours. but, it is a great bike and I could care less what people think, if you can imagine after riding it with NO HAIR, and being so sick as I was, I lost the "image" of looking cool while riding. I just loved the peaceful ride and how great it felt to be outside while I was healing. I can't wait for the snow to leave our area, (we live so far up in the mountains we still have a couple of feet of snow) but, when the weather permits I will be out and about.:) Oh any word on if the pattern of the house quilt will be available to copy? just let me know.. stacee3k@msn.com