Monday, April 20, 2009

Stay at home Mom and Grandma
Thoughts: I was always very lucky and blessed to be a stay at home mom while my 3 children were growing up. One very important thing to me was to always be home when they came home from school. They would open the front door and the first word out of their mouth was "MOM!" Just to know I was home was all they needed.
I miss that.

Now, when the front door opens, I love to hear "GRANDMA!"
THINGS: My high school girlfriend and I have stayed close friends after all these years. Her mom died of breast cancer when she was just 12. She has always felt such a huge void in her life, not having her mom. Her father also passed away a few years ago. She and her brother had the awful task of cleaning out the home that they were raised in. She knew I liked anything retro and asked if I wanted the table and 2 chairs that had been in the kitchen since she was a little girl. I was so touched and excited that she would offer it to me! The chairs were covered in mauve vinyl and the top had pink formica. I had the chairs recovered and I spray painted the top cream. It has a special place in my kitchen and my heart.


  1. My husbands mom died when he was 11. He missed out on so much that only a mom can do for a son. We should never take things for granted! Mimi

  2. I love the table and chairs. My grandmother had a yellow set which I used in my kitchen for a few years after we were first married. I wish I still had it! Hey, where did you find the towel rack you have hanging in the cupboard next to your window? I have been looking all over for one. Love the blog - thanks for sharing!!
    love, Kelly Harris