Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gather crumbs of happiness to make a loaf of contentment

Thoughts: Some years ago my neighbor brought me a bag of fresh peaches off her tree. They are one of my favorites fruits, so I was so excited. Now you'll think I nuts, but, the bag that she brought them in was even better. It was an old certifresh bread bag. I'm sure it was saved by her grandma or mom to reuse it. One of their many ways to be thrifty. The bag reads, 27 cents a loaf. What?

This bag stays neatly folded in my kitchen drawer. Not to be reused.

My grandmother reused foil, wax paper, plastic bags, etc, until she could not get another use out of them.

I tease some of my friends, they do the same thing.

I caught myself washing out a ziplock more teasing.

Things: Old bread tins are another one of the things I like to find and collect. Since I have never mastered bread making, I certainly don't use them for their intended purpose. Does anyone use a bread box or tin anymore? Anyway, they are fun to decorate with. I can always find a spot for another one.

P.S. Well, I just remembered it's Earth Day today, I'll try to be better and reuse things more....

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