Saturday, March 7, 2009

THOUGHTS: Sunday... doing that is most important. Attending my church meetings and having my family for dinner and spending time with them. My hubby says that sunday is the best day of the week, and I have to agree. Getting a fresh start to a new week, trying to be better.

THINGS: This is one of my hubbys paintings.


  1. so i have a question...i know that he takes a lot of pictures and paints off of those(right? i remember seeing photos down on his painting table)...but what about a pic like this? how does he paint it without looking at another pic? was there a photo he found or something? and is it acrylic that he uses? i would like to attempt something similar so i was wondering...

  2. Joy. I just love love love LOVE your blog. I check it so frequently and love your crafty ideas. I just wanted to tell you that I took your idea for the apron hanger and switched it up a bit I went and bought old silver teaspoons and a thrift store that are very ornate and have a D (for davis, my married name) and an A (for argust, my maiden name) engraved into them and i am SOO excited for my project! Thanks! Keep em coming! This is way better than Martha Stewart...

  3. Oh Joy, I noticed the paintings right away in a more recent post. Your husband is an artist! My mother was as well and always told me that art is one of the oldest expressions of faith. This is just such a joyful image! Elizabeth