Monday, March 9, 2009

THOUGHTS Sew... My sister and I were sew excited to go to the fabric store... We woke up to a snow storm, but we weren't going to let that stop us! What a great way to chase away the winter/spring blues. Sew, off we went. After an hour and half wandering around the store trying to pick out our fabrics we were beginning to get sew frustrated. A decision had to be made! My roast was drying up in the crock pot! Sew, we agreed on our first choice after all.

First rule of thumb, learn to make a decision before entering a fabric store- HELLO! Second, have respect for the sales clerk and don't leave 50 bolts of fabric on the table for them to put away. Sew, hopefully we will have something to show, sew you will see that I taught my sister how to sew.

THINGS: Similiar to my bedroom letters is my S that I made for my kitchen. It is made from the scraps of some of the quilts I have sewn.( my last name starts with s)
First I picked out a background fabric then I just free handed an S on paper, cut it out, then cut it into patchwork pieces. Next, I numbered each piece so I would know what order they went in. After I picked out the scraps I wanted to use, I ironed on wonder under on the back side. Now I traced the paper piece onto back side of fabric piece. Remember to flip pieces the opposite direction, so they will be going the right direction when you cut them out and are ready to assemble. After I had all the pieces in order for the letter, I ironed them onto the background fabric.. Now zig-zag around each piece and outisde of your letter. Stretch on backing and frame as you wish.


  1. My last name starts with 'L'.

  2. That is soooo cute! Thanks for sharing your talent{s}

  3. Hi Joy. Welcome to Blogland. It can be very addicting. Tiffani told me that you had a cute blog and she was right! You're doing great, love the recipes and your adorable projects. Mimi Sue