Friday, March 6, 2009

THOUGHTS: Patience...In my beginning quilt making years, I purchased a book called, "Quilt In A Day." I chose the pattern I liked and picked out some fabric. Excited to begin to sew, I quickly drove home, set up my sewing machine, opened up the book, laid out my fabric and began to read. I thought to myself, did I pick up a book in a differet language? I don't understand any of this! After some length of time, trying to decode each word, my patience was wearing thin! The minutes were ticking away, in my "Quilt In A Day" adventure! It needed to start happening! Frustrated, I called my mom, she knew how to sew, she could surely help me understand the instructions. We sat down together and began to read, two heads are ALWAYS better than one right? WRONG! After cutting the fabric wrong, wasting half of it, unpicking almost everything we had sewn, and many hours later, I realized that I was ripped off! The book said I would have a quilt TODAY, and all I had was a pile of scraps.
I learned a few lessons that day...
The lady who wrote that book has longer days than I do.
Taking a quilting 101 class might be a good idea.
I need to learn PATIENCE!

Fast forward to today. My sister just bought a new sewing machine for her birthday. She is coming to spend next week with me and I am going to teach her how to sew, and hopefully by the end of the WEEK she will have a quilt!

Patience, Joy, Patience

THINGS:This is the quilt that I made at our PICKLES quilt group retreat at the cabin last month. We all made the same quilt. With everyone picking different fabrics they all turned out so different. I made this one to put on the end of the bed in the PINK bedroom. These colors are not my usual, but I like the combination.
Patience is bitter, but it's fruit is sweet


  1. Oh my heck, I was thinking about you yesterday, I was ready to pull my hair out trying to make a binding on the bias. I thought it would be sew,so nice if Joy had a post on how to do this ;) My patience is short so I ended up ruining my fabric, buying some I don't love and just piecing it together.
    Your blog is so cute, welcome to the blog world!

  2. thanks so much for calling me!! you are too funny :)

  3. Oh boy Joy, you hit that nail on the head! Patience is what I work on every day. I keep hoping that even if it isn't obvious to others, that my Heavenly Father knows that I work hard at it and that I have made progress over my years. Thank you for the sweet reminder of it's sweet fruits.