Wednesday, February 11, 2009

THOUGHTS: Yesterday I just wanted to scream CABIN FEVER! I just had to get out, this seems to always happen to me this time of year, you can only stay in the house so long ... I asked my hubby if he wanted to go to one of my favorite stores with me and he just looked up at me as if to say ,are you kidding? Well, I just thought I would ask. So off I went to salt lake to RETRO ROSE, the shop is on about 3rd south and 3rd east. It is full of great retro stuff, I bought my girls a valentines surprise, and a few things for myself. I found these old valentine chocolate boxes, a great red doillie, an awesome old canister set and some melmac small plates.

THINGS: I put the darling chocolate boxes in a crystal dish that I bought at an antique store,set it on my new red doillie and placed it on my old red high chair. I feel much better now.

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