Thursday, February 12, 2009

THOUGHTS: Last year I was at my friend Pegs home. In her kitchen hung a hand stitched picture made by her aunt, probably done in the 50s. It was beautiful and each stitch was perfect. But it was the saying that I loved the most. I knew I just had to have this saying in my own kitchen. So I made up my own pattern, a simplified version of course. Each day I read it and I am thankful for its words. My everyday trials (i.e. health), I believe, are my Heavenly Fathers gentle reminder of what is really the most important. I am grateful for them.
THINGS: I can put together a kit or help you make your own pattern, if interested.


  1. PERFECT! Every home needs one of these!

  2. Look at those cute little shirts. I could see you in them! How true that saying is.

  3. Joy, I found your blog from Jodi's. SO cute and fun to read and see your ideas, love it.