Monday, February 9, 2009


Just when I was thinking and wishing for spring, mother nature reminds me of who is in charge.
I woke up this morning to falling snow that lasted most of the morning. I doddled around the house most of the day frequently looking out the window at the new blanket of snow. I should build a snowman I thought! Yea, a colored snowman, like we use to do growing up! So my hubby tied up my boots and outside I went. As I began rolling the balls I realized, HEY! I don't have the energy like I used to and BRR it is cold! I never got cold as a kid! Well, I finished my new friend and came inside to look at him through the window in my nice warm home.

Do you want to make a colored snowman? Easy to do. First shape your snowman. Put a few drops of food coloring, your choice of color ,into a spray bottle and fill with COLD water. Not hot, you don't want to melt it. Just spray the whole thing and then dress your snowman. Try it!


  1. Your snowman brought a smile to my face as I was passing by your house yesterday. I LOVE snowmen. There's something so magical about them.

  2. So cute! I haven't made a snowman forever, and I should! My pup would love to roll around in the snow while I made one! Glad you joined the blogging world.

  3. I am going to do this with my little fam on Saturday at Bear Lake! What a fun idea!

    Great to talk to you today and so excited about the blog. I always love something to do instead of the things I need to do but can't stand to do doooooo.

  4. You are so stinkin' cute crack me up and I love how your husband laced up your boots for you. I have never seen a colored snowman before! Its a great idea :)