Friday, March 12, 2010

A Woman's Prerogative

Thoughts: We've all heard the little "gem" that it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind.

I'm cashing in on that right -

I have changed my mind -

Follow along with me, if you'd like, as I record about my family, my faith and my hobbies.

fickle (fick'el) adj. - changeful: capricious, vacillating, wavering, Joy.


  1. Joy, Your thoughts and things bring inspiration to so many. This is a good day!

  2. Hurray!!!!!!!!!

  3. Praise the Lord!!! My friend and I were lamenting this morning how we just found your blog, and how much we love it and then...poof! YOu were gone and we were devestated!!!

    So, so glad you're back! Please don't leave us again!!!

  4. Yay! So good to have you back. We missed you

  5. One man's fickle can put another in a pickle.
    But this fickle is a tickle of
    Thanks for coming back!!
    Holly's friend,

  6. I am glad you are back! I had such a great time making the bunny penny rug! Thanks so mcuh for letting me come and do that. :) Oh and I can't stop thinking about how CUTE your house is :)

  7. So glad you changed your mind. It's so fun to come over to this happy place on the internet. Did you see I finished my rug? Love it and thank you again for the fun time. Mimi

  8. Joy,



  9. I tried to check out your breakfast in bed post yesterday but was not invited in. Glad to see today that you are back. I don't know what happened but I so enjoy your quilts and Pierre's adventures. Hannah is just adorable! What a lovely breakfast and handwritten note. Just the best! If I had a girl, her name would have been Hannah -- but I got two boys. :) Have a great weekend. Tammy

  10. So glad I could start my morning off with JOY! Missed seeing you the past couple of days. Gina said this morning that I should try you again...and so happy to see that you are back! Thanks for all the JOY you bring. Love, Sharon

  11. I am so glad! I had just found your blog and spent a whole day reading all your old posts. Then to my dismay I click on your blog a few days later and you were closing it!! I was so sad to find a new friend and then lose them so soon. Glad you exercised your God given rights as a woman and changed your mind! :)

  12. So glad you're back...I just found you with your adorable chicks blog! You inspired me to invite 3 granddaughters to spend a Sat. afternoon sewing chicks, chicks & more chicks! We made 80 of the little peeps...enough for my daughters & daughters-in-law to each have a dozen & one for the cuties that helped me make them. What fun! Thank you for all your great ideas!