Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Reason to Pause
Thoughts: As I have watched the devastation and human suffering taking place in Haiti, it gives me good reason to pause and count my many blessings. To thank my Heavenly Father for my family, good health, food, shelter and prosperity that I enjoy living where I do.
I have always been taught to be prepared, I hope I will continue to follow that council.
With a basement storage full of food and extra water on hand, I would give it all if I could.

On a much lighter note...

A relaxing day at the cabin gave me a chance to finish my January Snow Angel.
It is a pattern from - All Through The Night. I changed the colors and pattern a little to my liking.
I'll have her framed to hang in my kitchen during January.


  1. Such thoughtful words, I could agree more.

    Wonderfully fun snow man.

    Did I miss this post below about dishes. If, mine were that cute, I'd have no problem.

  2. We do have much to be so very grateful for...God bless those who are your winter snow angel....blessings as always....

  3. That angel is SOOO sweet!

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ HAVE A GREAT DAY!♥

  4. Your wool felt snow angel is simply lovely. I think I like her little catchall the best. Your storage room is such an unfamiliar thing to me! Here I laugh at my husband when he runs to the store if we are expecting any snow at all for supplies. Heaven forbid if he had such storage space! I would never need to shop! Have a lovely weekend! Elizabeth

  5. Amen and dang cute!

    PS---call me before you buy your fabric.

  6. love your snowy angel! I used to store things up too, probably not as much as you, then I realized we were never using some of it, and so much of it would end up not getting used.. so I store up on a much smaller scale now. Youre smart to be prepared.