Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'll wash, you dry
Thoughts and Things: With just the 2 of us at home now, my dish washer doesn't get used too much anymore. Sunday is usually the day it runs, with the family over for dinner.

I like washing dishes, I always have.

My grandmother always did the washing, to make sure her dishes did not get broken.

My mother did the washing. She said she wanted the dishes to be clean.

I did the washing, because I don't like to dry or put the dishes away.

To me, the dishwasher has control. Yes, I like that!

My hubby does the drying now. He calls it team work.

I just smile.


  1. Yes! You do like to wash! It seems like that is the way it always was. I hated drying. I couldn't stand the feeling of drying the dishes. Always wanted to be the washer..... does that just come with being the older one? Maybe mom liked you best! Whatever the reason, I was the designated dryer in our family and I'm still holding a grudge! I HATE drying dishes! Thanks alot!
    Love ya! Kath

  2. That first picture makes me smile! It might actually be a joy to hand wash those dishes! Our kitchen is so tiny that the only dishwasher that fits is me!

  3. I have never owned a dishwasher...I don't mind washing dishes..ever have..I would have so much fun washing your fun colorful dishes...love that sweet little tea towel as well....blessings

  4. A post after my own heart - dishes. I too love to wash dishes. It lets me linger over their wonderfulness longer. What a beautiful redwork quilt. Your work is just stunning. I have an embroidered quilt block a month I AM going to begin this month. So many of you have inspired me to begin, go slow, and most importantly, finish it! Have a lovely week, and thank you so much for all that you share. Elizabeth

  5. We only use the dishwasher on Sunday now too. A few years back it would run sometimes twice a day! I'd rather dry than wash so call me if you need some help. Mimi

  6. Joy, So sorry to pester, but I must introduce you to Nan of Retired in Alaska (on my sidebar) a quilter, a generous person (I'll let you be surprised) and photographs of her life that will inspire your day. So excited to share this special find! E

  7. Joy,

    Hi! I have to ask where did you get thoses adorable little red and yellow striped bowls?
    Those are so cute and the perfect size! I bet you have had them forever, huh???? I just love the photos in this post! No, I do not like to wash dishes....I like to put them in the dishwasher tho' LOL

  8. At holiday gatherings at my Mammaw's in Mississippi, the kids got to wash the dishes. One sink of hot water and one sink of cold water for rinsing. I love to wash dishes. It is my time for contemplation (or to get away from folks). I don't like drying -- that's what the drainboard is for. Have a great day! :) Tammy

  9. That tea towel is darling... is it new or retro? I have to admit, I love my dishwasher!