Friday, January 22, 2010

Meet Herma Hippo
Thoughts: The pages are worn, the cover torn and taped, but this little book was a favorite of my children and now my grandchildren. When we have sleepovers it is the book of choice for their bedtime story.

Things: I remember sewing a hippo for my friend when I was in high school. An autograph hippo, for friends and family to sign. Does anyone remember those? I still like making little stuffed animals even at my age. Herma Hippo was a must to make to go along with this book.

She will become our story time mascot.

Herma likes to read the story too, she thinks it is about her.

Patiently she waits for her little friends to come and sleep over again, anxious to read "A hippopotamus ate the Teacher"


  1. At first I thought it was Barbar... remember him. This is a great post today. Love the pictures. I added your button to my scroller if that's OK. I also just posted how to do the scroller....

    Have a great weekend,
    The Garden Bell.....

  2. An absolutely adorable Hippo.......great idea to create one to go with the book. I also have added your button to my sidebar, your blog is so cute!


  3. Herma is a very cute Hippo. I'm sure Gracie will love her. I had an autograph hound. It was light blue and looked like a wiener dog. I wonder whatever happened to it? Mimi

  4. Joy, I love that Herma is wearing a Poor Boy dress, and I love that you love to create wonderful memories for your grandchildren with homemade goodness! Elizabeth

  5. This is just about as cute as possible can be! I love her! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic