Saturday, November 14, 2009

Productive few days Thoughts and Things: My sister "Pickles" and I had a great time at the cabin. We accomplished more than we thought we would among all the talking and eating.
. These quilt tops hanging over the loft railing were our finished projects. Some were started and finished, others were already part done and brought to be finished up.

Sewing on the binding completed this quilt, made for my bedroom.
How can having so much fun be so exhausting?


  1. I like that pattern Joy - it reminds me of a woven coverlet! How fun that you got to escape with the Pickles - I haven't done anything like that for years and I miss it!

  2. Looks like the pickles got a lot done. What a fun getaway. Mimi

  3. Gee - oh my -- busy indeed! I miss taking time away with such a group -- blessed you! A LOT of beautiful work got done I see -- I could use them all!