Wednesday, September 23, 2009

good intentionsThoughts about things: Wednesday night was the night. The night set aside for girls craft night.
After a quick trip to the instacare for stitches in the back of my grandsons head, convincing my youngest daughter that she DOES like to craft and she WILL have fun, stopping to nurse baby Charlie (not me personally-HA!) and changing two diapers, we finally got started on our halloween garland.
The actual time we started was 9:15, by 10:00 we were all tired and realized that our garland would NOT be finished.
We had good intentions.
Looks like mom (me) will be finishing them up.
stay tuned...


  1. Stitches on the head oh my! Ouch!

  2. Our craft days with my daughters are much harder to do now that the grandbabies are here. We tried it once but the glitter mess was unbelievable. Sounds like your evening was unforgettable! Mimi