Tuesday, September 22, 2009

put another blanket on

Thoughts: Before I left for college, my mother made my roommate and I matching quilts for our beds. The tied, pink gingham checked quilts made our dorm room cute and cozy, a meeting place for all the girls on our floor at Deseret Towers.(BYU)

My hubby and I have had it on our bed every fall and winter since we got married. The yarn is unraveling and the fabric is becoming so thin. Actually, just making it softer.

Last night with my hubby working out of town and the cool fall temperatures, I put it on my bed, snuggled up and thought of my hubby and my college days.

Things: I bought this orange plaid wool blanket at a second hand store. I have cut it up and used it in many sewing projects.


  1. I remember "DT" and my tied quilt for my bed...love to the mothers! What a great time of life...no gravity yet:)

  2. I think that is cute your mom made you and your roommate matching quilts