Friday, August 28, 2009

Pickles Quilt ShowThoughts and Things:
A glimpse into our quilt show we had yesterday. It was so much fun being with family, friends and even meeting new friends.

Serving Pickles seemed appropriate

There is something relaxing about being surrounded by quilts.

Sister Pickles


  1. Oh what fun and I enjoyed seeing all the quilts. Now your group photo is so cute in those adorable aprons. Yes pickles were appropriate for the menu:)

  2. It was a perfect location for such a beautiful quilt show. What fun! Thanks again for inviting us. Sharon

  3. A stunning display of beautiful ladies and their quilts!!
    loved it. Emily

  4. You girls have inspired me. Gorgeous quilts in a gorgeous setting. Thanks for inviting me. Mimi

  5. I'm going to take up quilting,
    right after I get started on geneology.

    I could of curled up with one of those quilts in your hammock and laid there until winter forced me inside.

  6. Joy - The quilt show was VERY enjoyable! It was SO fun to see how different the quilts turned out even though you all used the same patterns for some of them! That's one of my favorite things about quilting - the personal touch!

  7. So sad I missed it! My dang job is really getting in the way of all the fun!