Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just Clowning Around
Thoughts and Things: Whenever my hubby is out of town I tend to stay up way too late. In my sewing/craft room is the place that you will find me. Where the boogey man can't get me.

A few nights ago I was tidying up my cupboards and saw my dish of clown heads.

Don't do it! * It's too late! * Just go to bed!

Say Hello to
Clarence the Clown

I should have listened and just went to bed



  1. Because we all have a dish of clown heads in our cupboards...Hilarious.

    Clarence looks like a crowd pleaser!

  2. If you have a dish of clown heads, I would love to know what other treasures must be hiding in your craft room!

    I'll bet Clarence will be able to protect you from any bouts with the boogey man from now on!

    Love Emily