Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One lucky girl
Thoughts: My hubby took me out for a fun day on my birthday, taking me wherever I wanted to go.

I was showered with beautiful gifts, thoughtful notes, kind phone calls, visits, delicious homemade dinner and treats.
( new aprons, tray, bowls, cupcake plates and book, note pad, gloves, baby footprints, dish towels, kitchen timer, shirts...)

The best gift of all, is the love of my family and so many dear friends.

I am one lucky girl.

Things: My hubby said he would buy me anything I wanted.

Why is it that when you have this chance, you suddenly can't think of a thing!

Impulse buy, a snow cone machine for the grandkids.

Ready to set up my summer curb side business.


  1. Woohoo! Snowcones! One of my favorite summertime treats. Glad your birthday was wonderful. Mimi

  2. I sure do love your snow cone machine! Darling, my B-day is Sunday so I to need to come up with anything on my wish list for hubby to buy me. I'm thinking the "New: Shabby Chic Book (:
    Hugs, Diane