Sunday, July 19, 2009

Monday,another year older Joy: "Would you look at those two women over there. In 20 years, we're are going to look like that."

Sue: "That's a mirror, Joy."

Thoughts: Birthdays can be a time of reflection... Or not.

Things: Thoughtful and beautifully wrapped gifts are often part of birthdays. I always save the ribbon to use again.

As a birthday treat, I will roll up some of my favorite ribbons (new ones, of course) package them in a cellophane bag ,tied with a cute reusable ribbon, of course.


  1. Happy Birthday Joy! I hope your day is splendid. Let's all go to dinner soon!

  2. Hope you have a Happy Birthday! What a cute gift idea also.

  3. That is such a great Idea. I all ways just throw them away. But I am going to start saving ribbon.

  4. Happy Birthday, Joy! You almost had a grandbaby for a present! How fun. I have a serious ribbon addiction myself. I have at least a 10 year supply new and recycled! Mimi