Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Festoon Anyone?
THOUGHTS: In helping to make party favors for my grand-daughters birthday, I learned a new word.
Websters Dictionary: Festoon (noun). A decorative garland or band hanging between two points. To fashion with festoons. To link together with festoons.
I always just called it vintage tissue garland. Who knew!

THINGS: With some trial and error, I made my own festoon. That means if I can do it, you surely can! I looked on line to purchase it and WOW, it was expensive! Just $1.00 to $2.00 worth of tissue paper will make oodles! Maybe not as full and fancy but darn close!

How to make it: I cut my tissue strips 1 1/2 inches wide by length of tissue. You can do it whatever width you want. About 20 layers thick of tissue will make it nice and full.
If you want multi colored festoon, stack tissue every other color.
Sew a straight line down middle of tissue paper.
Fold in half, on stitch line.
With scissors, cut tissue about every 1/4th inch up to stitch line.
Fluff, crumple, shake, whatever it takes to separate the tissue.
Hot glue or tape on. Taa Daa!

Use your imagination, It can be used to decorate many different things.


  1. Very cute festoons. I can think of lots of places to put them. Your quilt square house is darling. Have you been to Freda's Hive blog? She does some cute things with quilt square cottages too. (Freda is on my blog roll) No problem with the bunny thing on your blog. I found it somewhere out on the internet myself. Mimi

  2. You clever cookie, So cute and easy.