Wednesday, March 4, 2009

THOUGHTS: age 5l, I am really wishing time would stand still, when it comes to my body that is... Gravity is taking over and everything is shifting DOWN...When I bend over I feel like I need to pick my skin up off of the floor.. .I no longer wear the same bra size. Instead of wearing a 34B I now wear a 34 long... My tushie is getting saggyer by the day (is saggyer a word? well, you know what I mean). I need to buy some of those underwear with the built in bum. I'm grateful for hair dye too, since I about 1/2 gray. My hubby tells me not to complain, at least I have hair, he is thinning and does not like it at all! Despite these inevitable signs of aging, he tells me that he loves me just the way I am... Good thing LOVE is blind.

THINGS: I love clocks, I always have. The tick-tock sound reminds me of my Grandmas cukoo clock. It's a soothing, homey feeling to I continue to collect them and try find a place for them.


  1. I have always LOVED all your clocks. i like the sound too :)

    ps HOW do you put your cute signature at the end? i love it!