Saturday, March 14, 2009

THOUGHTS: Saturday.... Growing up I loved saturdays. Often times my mom would let us go shopping with her and run errands. The dry cleaners was always one of our first stops and then to the grocery store. Often times we stopped at the fabric store, I did not like that, it was so boring! Go figure. On special occasion we would head to Salt Lake City to do some real shopping. When we stayed home to play, we were always excited for my mom to get home with the groceries. It always meant there would be something good to eat, at least for the weekend. You know how 6 kids can go through the food!. I always hid the buddig lunch meat somewhere in the fridge so no one could find it and I could eat the whole package. YUK!

In the evening it was always the same routine. My dad would pop and large tupperware bowl full of popcorn, on the stove, open the diet rite cola, and gather up all the sunday shoes. He would spread out the newspaper, set the shoes on top, turn on the saturday night show on T.V. and begin to polish. My mom would set up the ironing board and iron all the clothes to have them ready for church. Funny thing happens when your grow up, you find comfort in doing the same thing...

Saturday is a special day, it's the day to get ready for sunday...

THINGS: Apples are not my favorite fruit to eat, unless they are covered in caramel, chocolate and nuts. I think it is the memory of getting sick after all the green apples that we ate off my grandmas tree. I do like these kind of apples, the kind you make. Golden delicious, velvety, and stuffed. Fun and easy to make. Hopefully I can make some other fruits in the near future.

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  1. Here in Utah the grocery stores are always busy on Saturday. Getting ready for Sunday for sure. Mimi