Friday, March 13, 2009

5 late nights
4 trips to the fabric store
1 over extended fabric budget
1 tearful meltdown
20 belly laughs
1 purchased baptismal dress
1 bag of candy , maybe 2...
countless interuptions
8 cans of pepsi, or more
1 fun night out with our girls and mom
lots of sewing, too many hours to count
2 finished quilt tops
Best of all, TIME spent together as sisters...

THINGS: This is my sisters finished quilt top. This was a good quilt to learn basic sewing and quilt making techniques. Easy cutting, easy strip sewing, applique ( we did the wonder under method, easiest), zig-zag stitch and adding trims. We each made one with just a slight color variation. Once the back is sewn ,they are ready to be sent to get them machine quilted. She is going to hang her first masterpiece on the wall in her new sewing room. Mine, well, I wish I had an empty wall. I like to put my quilts on the kitchen table, and change them often, so this one will be great for that. ( sorry these pictures are not very good)
This maybe shows better some of the fabric colors
P.S. Call your sister today


  1. I'm dialing her up right now!

  2. It turned out great. The orange you found looks good.

  3. sister and sister-in-law are having babies this month! I think I'll be getting lots of sister time it :)

  4. Thanks for being my "sizzlin' sista" since I have none...

  5. I have to say that a sister that would put up with all of this for 5 days would have to be close to angelic! I'll put this right up there with Family Fued, and the espadril sandals just to name a few. In spite of the meltdown, I had a great time. We need to spend more time together! You are the BEST! Love ya - Kath (Your sister in sewing)