Friday, March 27, 2009

Girls Weekend THOUHGTS: Sometimes serious girlfriend time is necessary! My friends and I are off to the cabin for talking, sewing, eating, sewing, more sewing, and maybe, some rest. Hopefully this stack of fabric will become a quilt.

THINGS: Each new holiday welcomes new friends to my home.

Don't eat the chocolate! Cute on the outside, old on the inside.

Don't eat the bunny cookie either,
He hops into his dish year after year.


  1. Hope you have fun Joy - can't wait to see what you make. There's nothing better than a girl's weekend!

  2. So much fun to have a weekend away with friends. Have fun. Mimi

  3. I wish I was one of the GIRLFRIENDS! Hope you have a great time. Kandice and I are out the door to find fabric for our carrots! Sometimes I wonder why you got ALL the creative genes???? Just doesn't seem fair!
    Love ya! Kath