Wednesday, March 25, 2009

basket full of colors THOUGHTS: Follow up on yesterdays blog. I do not like to paint, I am not good at it. I think patience is involved and I seem to be short of it when I paint. I was experimenting and tried spray painting and thought, now this is my kind of painting! It worked great! Sprays on smooth, (don't spray too close or it will run), no brush marks, less time, easier! After it dries, I will sometimes sand it with fine steel wool. You can also sand the edges, which gives it that older look, and it brings out the color underneath. If you don't find the color paint you want already in the spray can, you can mix the paint color the way you usually do and then the store can put it into spray cans. Sherwin Williams does this. try it!

THINGS: I wanted to show you a two pieces of furniture that we have spray painted.
We liked the shape and size of this T.V. stand , but it was dark wood. Yep, that's right, spray paint.

This ottoman was brown and had a fake leather top. We sprayed it red, sanded the edges, and reupholstered the top.


  1. Love that ottoman Joy. I don't know how some people can have a living room without one! Where do they put their feet? LOL

  2. Always creating, always beautiful.