Tuesday, February 17, 2009

THINGS: trolls, trolls, trolls

Last weekend grandpa and I tended (grandma mostly) our 3 year old twin grandkids while their parents were playing in St. George. By saturday afternoon every toy in the closet had been pulled out and played with, well, dumped out anyway...that took all of about 1/2 hour. It looked like k-marts toy department had exploded in the family room. I was getting desperate to find something to entertain the little darlings. I saw one last box. As I opened it, I was taken back about 17 years. It was full of Sami's trolls. I have never been able to part with them. I sat on the floor and took out each one and arranged them on the table. I was totally entertained! As for the grandkids, they were already off to something else.


  1. My favorite trolls were the bunny and the gingerbread man!

  2. oh and the one that had the majorly padded green swimsuit!