Wednesday, January 23, 2013

snooping around

 I  saw the color in the storage room of the second hand store and knew I had to investigate further.
After entering a section of the store  that I am pretty sure I was not suppose to be, I was excited to see this retro baby chair.  I asked the sales clerk if it was for sale then held my breath waiting for the answer.
 A yes, followed by a fair price was all I needed to pay for it and bring it home.

 It's a high chair, rocker and a bed!
  How cool is that!

if any of my children are reading this... we just need a baby.


  1. I love the little side note for your children! yup.. youre all set.. just need that baby!
    what a sweet little chair. I would love to have that for my babypies.
    have a great thursday

  2. So cute Joy! You always find the cutest things! That pillow (from an earlier post) is adorable. Did you make it? Is it a pattern? I'd sure like to make one too if it is. We could use a new baby in our family too. We're hoping :) Mimi

  3. That is the coolest thing! The color is amazing. Good thing you decided to snoop!