Monday, May 7, 2012

Portrait Practice

 My homework assignment this week for my photography class is to take a portrait.
 We were taught the basics of taking a portrait.  Our class was advised not to use children as we were practicing because they tend to have a hard time sitting still.   I apparently don't listen .
Before my grandchildren arrived, I practiced with the duck. He sat still, and looked at the camera when I told him to, he was my most obedient subject.

Portraits should tell a story.
Our little Jack loves chocolate cake.

 This portrait subject, our darling Audrey was determined not to look at the camera.

Singing a round of head shoulders knees and toes, trying to get the wiggles out.

She is 3, what do I expect? 

 One more try tomorrow with my dear friend Sue.
I don't think she will be so wiggly

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