Friday, May 25, 2012

Copy Cat

I like creative people and all their great ideas.

I copied this idea.

Take a jar, any size or shape 
The one I used is a  large pickle jar  
Choose your color. (craft paint)
Put paint in jar and swirl it around until coated
Tip upside down to get the excess paint out
  Let Dry.

 I added a little vintage trim

 and the last of  my peonies

This jar will make a great outdoor vase for my picnic table.
  Perfect for the flowers cut from the garden and yard.

and if the grand kids break it, I'll just make another one
no worries


  1. Thank you for the tip. I just made one in an apple green shade. Looks great with my pink peonies.

    Peggy Mossing
    Fort Wayne, IN

  2. That is adorable and I love the idea of leaving it outside for just cut flowers. I just found your blog through Notes of sincerity and think it is just up my alley. I am your newest follower.

  3. OH great idea...and I just threw out a big green olive jar and felt bad doing it. I'm going to try to retrieve it! ps. love your blog! brenda o

  4. Did you use enamel paint or reg craft acrylic paint?

  5. Can you fill the jar with water for fresh cut flowers with acrylic paint? Wouldn't it peel off over time?