Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our leader

Judy was the leader of our gang of cousins. She was the oldest.  
 We all loved her. 
 We wanted to do everything she did. 
We followed her around as if we were in a parade.
 It was Judy this and Judy that.
 Judy, Judy, Judy.  

The leader of our gang is Hannah.  She is our oldest granddaughter.
She is our Judy.

 Happy 9th Birthday to the leader of our gang!


  1. Happy Birthday to Hannah... I forgot that our two oldest grandchildren share the same birthday. Can you believe that they are 9 years old already!!! Time flies when your having fun with cute grandchildren...

  2. My granddaughter (our oldest grandchild) turned 89 on Friday the 13th. Happy birthday to your Hannah. It's such a nice age. Still so innocent but wanting to grow up.
    Where do you get patterns to do this kind of picture. I love it and would love to do one. I love children in parades and red wagons.

  3. I just love this sweet post...and Hannah is adorable, and a perfect Judy.-Gina

  4. My girls would say that Elizabeth was the leader of the girls :) Happy belated birthday to Hannah!