Friday, April 13, 2012

Just Farming

Me: " I want a goat. We have plenty of room in the back yard.  The grand-kids would love it!"
My hubby:  No comment, just gives me the look.

Me:  "Bunnies are so sweet.  Let's get one.  We could make a cage for it and then let it out to hop around when the grand-kids come."
My Hubby: just gives me the look, again.

Me:  "Oh, I really want a duck. Let's get a baby duck.  We can train it to just follow us around!  The grand-kids could name it, wouldn't that be fun?"
My Hubby: really gives me the  look, double the normal look.

 I will just continue to make my own little farm animals...
for the grand-kids
minus the look.


  1. I think those might be my favorite things you have ever made!!!!and we all know that is saying something. Soooo adorable.
    p.s. haven't we had enough animals for your grandkids all these years?-Gina

  2. I asked for a miniature horse for mother's day last year. I think I must have gotten the same look. So sad. Love your little animals. Mimi

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  4. These are the cutest little farm animals!!!