Friday, February 24, 2012

 Take a number

My home is quiet now. Children raised and now raising families of their own.

As a mother, in the midst of those child rearing years,  I remember wishing I had an extra set of hands.

I wondered how I would meet everyone's needs.

 I often found myself saying to them, "Just get in line with everyone else, and I'll get to you when I can!"

I wish I had this little sign back then... (made from a gourd)

Mothers Busy
Please take a number

Home is the fathers kingdom
The mothers world
A childs paradise


  1. So true. They grew up too fast, didn't they.
    Like your retro table.

  2. I could have used that too! Amazing we all survived isnt it!?
    have a great weekend

  3. Love that but I don't think my kids would have waited very patiently. Good idea though. Mimi