Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thoughts and Things: The month of January always finds me reflecting on the abundance of blessings received the previous year, and, with hopes that the coming 12 months will be filled with more of the same. The abundance of good things seem to make lifes challenges much easier to deal with.

Along with the thoughts of my abundance of blessings, January seems to always be the month that I realize the abundance of stuff in my home. It happens every year.

My dish cabinet needs to be cleaned out, dusted and rearranged. It's like asking a child to give away some of their favorite toys!

"There are children in the world without toys" Isn't that what our moms said and we as moms have said too!?

Someone in the world could use some of my dishes.


  1. What a great cabinet! Why is it so hard for us to get rid of "stuff"? I become way too attatched to things...not good. Hoping to declutter my life this year too, so that I can see the TRue abundance that I am so blessed with!

  2. I would gladly take your leftovers =) I love that cabinet as well. Beautiful

  3. No one is more generous with their toys than you Joy ~