Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Memories

Thoughts and Things: I remember the year I got my Barbie and Ken for christmas. I wanted the platinum blonde barbie with light blue eye shadow and frosted white lipstick more than anything. To get Ken too, well, it was the best christmas ever!

My mom made the red dress she is wearing.

The two lay side by side in my night stand all year. At christmas time I like to get them out to add to my decorations. They bring back such good memories.

Barbies hair has discolored, her neck is starting to split, and her dress is a little dusty. (sounds a little like her owner). Ken has aged nicely (typical man).


  1. love your mantel and your dolls! I remember getting barbies for christmas too.
    I hope you have a lovely christmas!

  2. You are too funny!! I had that same Barbie and Ken. Still have Barbie, but Ken and his head are no longer together! I love the stockings you have them in. Are they from when you were younger? I think it's cute that you keep them in the nightstand.!